Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MG Siegler is a tool.

Oh, just thought I'd post that. I'm not making it up, he definitively proved he was a tool by writing the worst review of the HTC EVO 4G. So I've decided to write the worst review of MG Siegler, having no real knowledge about him...which is how he wrote his piece about the EVO: without any fucking clue about technology.

Read this terrible article and see what you think: http://techcrunch.com/2010/05/29/htc-evo-4g/#comments

I think you'll agree, it's a great example of an apple fanboy, acting as they all do--like rabid, flea-bitten stray dogs, who would gladly lick peanut butter off of Steve Jobs' cachetic nutsack if he would only put some there.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

No porn on iPhone...surprised? not really.

In his latest overt exclamation to squelch the free rights of humanity Steve Jobs has stated that there will be no porn on the iPhone, and if you want porn, you should go to Android. Whether you get porn on your cellphone or not is really your own choice, but it really should be your own choice, not the choice of some bald guy wearing a black turtleneck. (BTW I hope he has a lot of those turtlenecks or washes them regularly...I've never seen him wear anything else.)

While it's true that most people using the iPhone won't download porn (given that they had to trade in their testicles to buy an iPhone, facilitating wearing the tight eurotrash jeans required for Apple fanboys [thanks to ARR22 for the imagery]), that decision really should be left to the lotion filled hands of the public purchasing the phones.

(link TechCrunch)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have to post this

Thank you technologia...(link)

Apple iPhone 4G(HD) is underwhelming

so I'm sure everyone's seen the lost iPhone that Gizmodo bought off a guy who found it in a bar. Is it just me or does it seem like Apple's taken a step back in their design. It looks like an old Sony Clie, see below

Still, I gotta give credit where credit is due. If it really has a 960x640 screen, that's fantastic, although the screen is smaller than the original iPhone.

If it has 80GB of internal storage space, that's fantastic, but it you still can't plug in the phone to a usb port and use it as a flash drive, I feel that its utility is worthless. Not everything we want on our phone is on iTunes.

It's still 3G...but since we're only expecting one network with 4G this year, what can you do.

It probably has a better camera, and we won't know if it has HD recording capability yet, but right now, the Sprint EVO still looks like the phone to beat. Unfortunately, for the mindless public that sucks the proverbial nuts of Steve Jobs, any subpar device from Apple is the best (see iPad) and there is a huge possibility that with the release of the iPhone and the HTC Evo both in June that the Evo will get overlooked.

Only time will tell to see how effective Sprint's campaign will be. I only hope that it can match the wildly successful annoyingly smug ads the tools at Apple will put out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's wrong with Apple having a policy of no beta testers? Just what you'd expect.

Apple loves keeping all their releases a big secret so the wow factor never gets diluted. The problem is that unlike google and microsoft, they don't send their products to beta testers so they're not able to iron out works. For instance, not figuring out that the iPad's wifi wasn't working was a huge blunder, considering the iPad doesn't have any connectivity ports for any other form of internet access (or anything else really, except a proprietary jack for docks and other licensed accessories).

The same thing goes for their peripherals. Now that Apple fans have had adequate time to play with their magic mice, people are starting to realize one of the great truths in the world: choosing something because it looks cool may end up f*cking you in the pooper.

No doubt the Magic Mouse looks cool, even if it has a super douchey name. It looks like the fingernail of some magical fairytale creature that enjoys selling its testicles for computer hardware. But even if it looks cool, apparently it's been causing significant injury to limp-wristed apple fans' limp wrists. It's so un-ergonomic that someone has already designed an orthopedic extension for the Magic Mouse. Check out the video below:

Magic Mouse Fixed from mmfixed.com on Vimeo.

One would think that when Apple designs something that needs to be held in the hand every single second it's being used, they would design it with ergonomics as high priority.

Nope. As usual, they only think about the form factor. It makes about as much sense as using a pineapple for a bicycle seat. It may look cool, but it'll tear you a new one.

Check out the site for kicks (link)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cookie's Home Tab v.1.7.0

For those of you with a T-mobile HD2 or updated Sprint Touch Pro 2 with the official Windows mobile 6.5 Rom, or anyone with a unlocked phone running a custom ROM with WM 6.5 and Sense 2.5, there is a new modification that lets you customize your manila homescreen in nearly any way you want. Cookie from xda-developers latest version is pretty bug-free, allows drag and drop customization and a whole host of other features.

It comes with several different clocks, including analog ones with second hands, the ability to show as many items on your calendar as you want, and the ability to open which ever program you want when you click on appointments, clocks, alarms. You can also put as many shortcuts or contacts on the home page In addition, you can now use the default windows lock screen, or the HD2 or HD mini lock screen.

In addition it's compatible with HDWall, if you'd like to have backgrounds on all tabs of manila.

If you had the old HTC Touch and you loved HTC Home, this is a new version that combines the simplicity of the old interface, with the customization of present technology.

Check out the video if you want a nice demonstration of all the features, courtesy of Pocketnow.com.

Get it here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apple fanboys on Facebook!

Funny Facebook Fails
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The Facebook Fail blog failbook.com, has caught another Apple fanboy in the typical throes of self-aggrandizing fervor. It's great that one of his friends was frank enough to call him out on it. Now to tell the rest of the Apple fans.